selected sample projects

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sample project 1

Automatic sewing machine for sealing rings

Sector: Sewing for technical applications

Customer requirement: In order to cut costs and enhance production efficiency, the customer planned to manufacture his sealing rings directly in Germany in future, reducing the effort and expense involved.

The MK solution: We configured the technical solution as a fully automatic and highly efficient sewing system with magazine changer where several automatic sewing machines can be operated by a single person.

sample project 2

Automatic sewing machine for paint rollers

Sector: Sewing for technical applications

Customer requirement: High pile fabric is used for the soft covering of paint rollers. In the production plant, it needs to be stitched together as a continuous tubular strip with the pile surface on the inside. After cutting to the required length, it is necessary to first turn the individual cover before it is mounted on the roller. Our customer not only wanted to optimize guiding of the cutting edges in front of the sewing machine in order to set the seam on the continuous tube with high precision. Together with him, we also considered how to turn the sewn continuous tube completely before cutting in order to exploit additional advantages.

The MK solution: To bundle both objectives in a single solution, MK developed an automatic sewing machine in which the sewn continuous tube is already turned on emerging from the machine. The individual roller covers are only then cut to length. This has significantly improved production efficiency and cost. This is why automatic sewing machines are used worldwide.

sample project 3

Innovative edge trimming unit

Sector: Automotive

Customer requirement: A well-known automotive manufacturer from MK’s long-standing customer base was faced with the task of trimming products directly and extremely close to the needle penetration point during sewing.

The MK solution: The edge trimming unit specially developed by MK proved to be both effective and practicable. Through its use, we made it possible for the customer to cut close to the seam from above with a vertical blade. The edge trimming unit can be adapted for use on all common sewing machines. The speed of the motor used to power the blade can be flexibly controlled, and exact cutting distances of 1.2 to 5 mm can be realized.

sample project 4

Optimized seam center guide

Sector: Automotive

Customer requirement: The issue to be addressed on sewing maschines was the optimization of methods for guiding material when stitching decorative seams. The material feed was inaccurate, and the visibility of the seamstresses was restricted, resulting in a high defect rate .

The MK solution: The focus in our solution was on a novel guiding method employed on the sewing machine. To achieve this, we shifted the guide finger away from the front and out of sight of the seamstress. It now approaches from behind through the sewing feet, providing the worker with a completely clear view of the needles and material. This MK solution can be adapted for us on all common sewing machines, with special sewing equipment provided for a variety of decorative seams, needle spacings and seam patterns.

sample project 5

Manual indexer for imitation buttonholes on sleeves

Sector: Clothing

Customer requirement: Time and again, small and micro-enterprises in the clothing industry and tailor shops are faced with the challenge of sewing buttonholes on the sleeves of coats, jackets and similar as inexpensively and precisely as possible.

The MK solution: To meet these special needs, MK can supply a cost-effective, mechanical indexer which can also be retrofitted to all common buttonhole machines. Buttonhole spacings can be freely selected with these manual indexers.

sample project 6

Web monitoring from below

Sector: Automotive

Customer requirement: In this project, a well-known automotive supplier was looking for a way to monitor a fabric web sewn from below.

The MK solution: A photocell below the sewing machine to monitor the end of the web. If a web reel has reached its end, the seamstress is immediately warned visually or acoustically so that she can finish sewing the part that has been started and insert a new web reel.

sample project 7

Web dispenser & web winder

Sectors: Automotive – Furniture and upholstery / Clothing and textiles / Sewing for technical applications

Customer requirement: Sewing production departments in the sectors mentioned are repeatedly faced with the task of feeding fabric webs to be processed precisely and free of tension to the sewing or cutting machine and winding prefabricated webs.

The MK solution: To ensure that these specific production steps are realized with pinpoint accuracy, MK has developed web dispensers and web winders in a wide variety of customer-specific variants. They work completely independently and can be integrated retroactively in the production process upstream or downstream of the production machine.

sample project 8

Flexible web cutters

Sectors: Automotive/Clothing/Technical sewing

Customer requirement: A standard task arising in many sewing plants is the dimensionally accurate cutting to length of different webs and web widths in the cold and hot cutting process.

The MK solution: MK has developed high-performance and flexible web cutters especially for this production stage. The MK product range includes pneumatic, universally applicable cold cutters for web widths up to 600 mm and hot cutters for web widths up to 150 mm. Devices of this type can be operated as single workstations or integrated into larger systems. A freely programmable control system enables the achievement of a large number of customer-specific solutions (e.g. photocells for web detection, web monitoring, marking equipment or stacker output). Each solution is distinguished by the fact that it incorporates years of experience and the highest quality Made in Germany.