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Perfect, unique solutions that cut your production times


Edge trimmer

Specially developed for the automotive industry and direct trimming of products extremely close to the needle penetration point during sewing.


Automatic buttonholer for jackets and ladies costumes

Freely programmable automatic eyelet buttonholer sewing machine with camera monitoring from below aligns the stripes on checked fabrics so that buttonholes are sewn parallel to the fabric pattern.

sewing for technical applications

sealing rings for dryers

Fully automatic and highly efficient sewing system with magazine changer. Several automatic sewing machines can be operated by a single person.

Our core competency for you

Stitch by stitch towards a perfect solution

When it comes to perfecting sewing processes in your production, you are the expert and you don’t want to cut corners. In addition to unbeatable synchronized processes and high-precision performance, maximum efficiency and safety are essential. What really counts are efficiency, high quality and outstanding results. MK is the partner you need. From individual projects to long-term technical partnerships. From proven standards to unique special machinery. From the initial concept to commissioning, maintenance, service and far, far beyond.

Sewing technology – as individual as you are

Tailored to your industrial projects

An automotive customer of MK needs the interior trim and seats for a new vehicle concept. Another wished to perfect the functional and decorative seams in the top-quality leathers on premium car seats. Whether your focus is on vehicle interiors, exclusive menswear, bed linen or completely different challenges – we will support you with our comprehensive, long-standing sewing expertise gathered in a many industries and with a wide variety of designs or tailored solutions for your individual requirements.

Solid technology is our trademark

Standard technology from MK and the potential to achieve much more

For decades, the name MK has stood for industrial sewing technologies that promote customers’ products in a many different industries. Quality, reliability, versality and fast response times are characteristic of our approach and expertise. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to economizing on your production times and enhancing the precision of your products. And there is really no need to reinvent the wheel to achieve this. Excellent and proven standard technologies from MK often represent the ideal solution.

From s to xxl – complex to dynamic

MK is the one-stop provider when it comes to complete solutions

In addition to our flexible team of proven specialists, we also work in close partnership with an extensive network of tried-and-tested experts. This makes us flexible and qualifies us as your solution partner along the entire production chain, from initial discussion, consultancy and planning right through to product implementation. We react fast and implement promptly, and the fact that you only have one competent contact for the entire project is also a major advantage.

made in germany – made for you

Quality is our concern – throughout Germany and all over the world

MK series production technologies deliver excellence on a daily basis to many sewing enterprises at home and abroad – excellence that has been tapped into in many production plants for decades. This is really nothing unusual, as every machine and unit that we supply embodies 100 % quality “Made in Germany”. Thanks to our modular systems, new solutions can be adapted seamlessly to all common sewing machine types. And this expertise is undoubtedly a factor to be found in your plants and immediate production environment.

selected projects

Optimized seam center guide

Sector: Automotive

Customer requirement: The issue to be addressed on the sewing maschines was the optimization of methods for guiding material when stitching decorative seams. The material feed was  inaccurate, and the visibility of the seamstresses was restricted, resulting in a high defect rate…

Automatic sewing machine for paint rollers

Sector: Sewing for technical applications

Customer requirement: In the production plant, high pile fabric needs to be stitched together as a continuous tubular strip with the pile surface on the inside. In addition, further challenges need to be faced …

Edge trimmer

Sector: Automotive

Customer requirement: To trim products directly extremely close to the needle penetration point during sewing. No single suitable process was available in the entire sewing industry. Except the effective and practical edge trimming unit developed by MK …

automatic sewing machine for sealing rings

Sector: Sewing for technical applications

Customer requirement: Customer requirement: In order to cut costs and enhance production efficiency, the customer planned to have his sealing rings manufactured directly in Germany in future, reducing the effort and expense involved … Learn more In order to Customer requirement: In order to cut costs and enhance production efficiency, the customer planned to have his sealing rings manufactured directly in Germany in future, reducing the effort and expense involved …

web dispenser & web winder

Sectors: Automotive – furniture and upholstery / Clothing and textiles / Sewing for technical applications

Customer requirement: Sewing companies are always faced with the task of feeding fabric webs to be processed precisely and free of tension to the sewing or cutting machine and winding prefabricated webs …

manual indexer for imitation buttonholes on sleeves

Sector: Clothing

Customer requirement: The challenge of sewing buttonholes on the sleeves of coats, jackets and similar as cost-effectively and accurately as possible …

one-stop provider

From original concept through planning and consulting to implementation.

We are a flexible team cooperating closely with a network of experts. This make us extremely flexible, and we can react fast to your wishes and implement them without delay. You can rely on a single contact during the entire project – and even beyond should you so wish.


consulting & problem-solving expertise


over 30 years of know-how

Vision – combined with service orientation

Our planning and development process is based on more than 30 years of expertise: we will take your initial idea or a quick sketch as the starting point and, through consulting, design and prototyping, create the final turnkey product. We operate along a well-established partnership with leading automotive manufacturers and customers in the areas of sewing technology and mechanical engineering. Our objective is the optimization of production processes with proven standard technologies and specially developed custom-built solutions. Our expertise is the key to a wide range of high-performance sewing technology innovations for many sectors.


construction and assembly


our own assembly & expert network

Your one-stop supplier for the perfect product

Be it presser foot sole, edge trimmer or indexer for decorative trim – our focus is always on user-friendliness and functionality. In order to realize perfect solutions for you, we also design, configure and test our products under a single roof and at a single location. We know all about the importance of the technical realization of mechanical systems, electronics and software. The stability of components and many other criteria are also crucial to successful production processes. In order to achieve the best solution, we do not simply assemble your machine at any location, but directly on our site. And since we work together with a proven network of experts, our knowledge and expertise always reflects the very latest standards.


precision implementation from a to z


superior quality made in germany

Was zählt, ist Ihr Endprodukt (Übersetzung fehlt!)

We are only satisfied when our customer can start production on the latest sewing technology solution. This way, you can stay abreast of the competition and maintain your success in future. Time is of the essence, which is why we attach enormous importance to timely processes, meticulous planning and the fastest, most accurate and reliable project schedules possible. We think of everything from A to Z, while you can benefit from our extensive experience in mechanical engineering and maintain a clear focus on one aspect at all times – a truly fair and reliable price-performance ratio!